Windows 11 Product Key to Activate

The Windows 11 upgrade is free for Windows systems that meet the updated Windows system requirements. The Windows 11 upgrade will be released in October 2021. Additionally, the Windows shell has undergone significant modifications in Windows 11, including the addition of the Widgets panel to the taskbar and a new Start menu.

Activating Windows 11 requires a 25-character code called a Windows 11 product key. Also, your device is not going to get activation without one. In Windows 11, a digital license gets used as an alternative activation method.

Consequently, many software products require the product key, an alphanumeric number of any length, for installation. The majority of software also requires product keys, including several operating systems and programs from the most well-known software developers. Hence, some of the ways How to activate Windows 11 without product keys get listed below.

About Windows 11:

Although there has been a considerable overhaul, Microsoft has maintained the core layout. Also, in place of the former Start Menu's live tiles, the new widgets panel can display the weather, news, and other information. You can concentrate on your work more simply because of improved group and locking of open Windows.

It is possible to easily switch back to the more conventional structure when a new taskbar centers icons on each screen. Plus, the design echoes Microsoft's now-canceled Windows 10X teaser. Microsoft deleted several features from Windows 10 that will get added back in the features upgrade.

How to activate Windows 11 without product keys?:

With a Windows 10 operating system product key, you can activate Windows 11. The Windows 11 installation will also activate the system instantly. You can manually activate Windows 11 if you install it and discover that it is not active. 

  1. Activate with Windows 11 Activator Batch Text file. (Free-Easy)
  2. Steps to activate using the KMS Client key. (Free-Long-steps)

Try these strategies instead if the system doesn't activate without a Windows 11 product key;

  1. Activate with Windows 11 Activator Batch Text file:

Follow the given steps to activate Windows 11;

Step#1: Windows 11 activation involves "Disabling Windows Defender".

Step#2: Secondly, copy the code from the provided link.

Step#3: Paste the text into the Text file and SAVE AS. "1click.cmd".

Step#4: Now "Run as administrator" (the file you saved earlier).

Done: Lastly, Windows 11 will finally get successfully Activated after some time.

OR If you couldn't activate windows, NOW TEST this Method below..

  1. Steps to activate using the KMS Client key:

The steps below get used to activating using this software;

Step 1: First, start your computer's Command Prompt and type "cmd."

Step 2: Install the KMS client key

Step 3: Write this “slmgr /ipk + KMS client key” in C: Drive.

Step 4: Now write this command “slmgr /skms”

Step 5: Now write this “slmgr /ato”

Done - Success.

If You see this error 0x80070005. Try the last command again and again.

How to activate Windows 11 with software?

List of Short Links - Software for activation of windows 11.

  1. Kmspico
  2. KmsAuto
  3. Microsoft Toolkit
  4. Windows Loader
  5. KmsAuto Lite

There are many excellent free Windows 11 activation software available, however, some could endanger your PC with harmful viruses and spyware. Additionally, the majority of people don't utilize this activator; instead, they choose product keys. These programs get used because some Windows 11 do not support the available product keys:

  1. KMSpico:

KMSpico is an adaptable utility that offers an activation key for every Windows Microsoft version. Also, KMSpico is a technology that makes it possible to activate the software in mass without the need for a product key. 

Follow the steps below;

Official Kmspico Site:

  1. KMSAuto:

You may activate Windows Software and Office Software using the potent program KMSAuto. Also, to function properly, KMSAuto needs the Microsoft ToolKit. KMSAuto will unquestionably look for a Windows 11 source of transmission for you if KMSpico will not work for you. Hence, the steps to follow get mentioned below;

Download Kmsauto:

  1. Microsoft Toolkit:

Professionals manage, license, and operate all Windows software using the Microsoft toolkit, a collection of tools. Consequently, when Microsoft Toolkit got released, it included a function that you may use for free to activate Windows 11 without paying any money. Hence, follow the steps below to activate the windows without the product key;

Download MS Toolkit:

  1. Windows Loader:

Another strong and dependable activator for Windows 11 is Windows Loader. Also, before restarting the computer, Windows 11 gets a Software Certified Internal Key code. Follow the steps below;

  1. KMSAuto Lite:

Another excellent Windows activator is KMSAuto Lite, sometimes referred to as Windows 11 Activator. Also, it is useful for activating copies of the MS Office software. It has the same online activation option as Microsoft Toolkit. Hence, the steps to follow are above:

Some common Activation errors:

  1. 0xC004F211 Error
  2. 0xC004F212 Error
  3. 0xC004F213 Error
  4. License to expire soon
  5. 0x800704cF Error
  6. 0xC004C003 Error
  7. 0xC004F034 Error
  8. 0xC004F210 Error
  9. 0xC004E016 Error
  10. 0xC004FC03 Error

Windows license issues, which get connected to the hardware of your device, are the cause of this problem. When Windows next starts your device, it won't be able to discover a matching license if you make substantial hardware upgrades, like replacing your motherboard. Also, after a hardware change, Microsoft offers a special transfer procedure for Windows licenses.

This MS rendition is not compatible with the Windows 11 product key that got used on the device. It could be necessary for you to contact the shop or business where you purchased Windows. You get the option to install either edition of Windows 11 when you reinstall it using a digital license.

According to Windows, your device didn't include a product key. Your device hardware has a Windows license attached to it. Also, if you've changed the motherboard or put Windows on the device and want to use the most recent version of Windows, you will need a compulsory license.

 Windows License Is About to Expire notice is that if a volume license client gets already installed, this can happen. Also, large enterprises that roll out Windows 11 product key to tens of thousands of computers use Windows 11 Pro bulk license clients.

Hence, you should get in touch with your network administrator for support because in this case activation gets normally handled by your company.

To activate Windows, you must use a legitimate product key. This message indicates that we couldn't locate a valid Windows license for your machine. Also, your product key should have got included with your device, in the confirmation code you received after purchasing Windows, or on the Authentication Certificate that gets connected to the front or bottom of your phone.

The fact that the Windows 11 activation code you entered is invalid gets the cause of this problem. Also, product keys are distinctive and assigned to a certain user for installation on a single system. A key is reported as invalid if it has got used on several different devices. Also, you'll need to supply a distinct Windows key particular to your device to activate Windows.

Enter a genuine product key that is compatible with the Windows 11 version and edition that is already on your device. Additionally, contact the support person in your company for more information on how to activate Windows if it gets installed on a device that gets connected to a Windows 11 product key Distribution.

Consequently, contact the support person in your company for more information on how to activate Windows if it gets installed on something like a device that gets connected to a Key Distribution Service.

If you previously updated to Windows 11, you might encounter this issue. Also, the version of Windows that is currently on the device you're using and the version of your digital license are not the same. Plus, you have two options: either enter a genuine product key that is compatible with the edition of your device or reinstall Windows.

Use a product key that is compatible with the edition and version of Windows that gets currently installed on your device, or purchase a fresh windows system out from the Windows Store. Also, if you use a separate product key for multiple Windows versions or editions, like Professional or Window 11 Core, you can see an error.

If your firewall settings or lack of internet access prohibit Windows from successfully activating online, you may encounter an error. Also, try calling Microsoft to activate Windows if you're still experiencing issues rather than downloading and installing the most recent version of Windows.


As lengthy as you do not have a business version that desires to get reinstalled that allows you to set off as a client, activating might not price you anything. Also after that, make a backup and reinstall the customer model. 

The Microsoft Office suite and Windows operating device are each activated through KMSpico. Additionally, it will assist you got free Windows and Office software programs without the need to buy a license. 

Instead of requiring individual computer systems to connect with Microsoft for product activation, the Key Management Service is an activation provider that permits organizations to activate devices inside their very own network. 

Use Windows 11's command set off. Type the command into the Windows eleven search bar to launch it. Plus, to get access to the command to activate the screen, find the Run As Administrator hyperlink inside the search outcomes and click on it. On the command set off-screen, the command will right away show your unique Windows eleven product key. Also, easy methods to reactivate Windows 11 at no cost without a product key were the main topic of this article.

 Your capacity to utilize the software program might not get significantly confined if Windows is not always activated. Additionally, in actuality, the most effective difference between a Windows operating device that has to get activated and one which hasn't is your capacity to modify the UI's appearance and feel.


Summarizing it all, Microsoft released its new operating system last year. Additionally, after 30 days of using Windows 11 on your computer, a watermark will start to show on your screen. You won't be able to utilize certain functions of Windows if you don't enable it with Windows 11 product key

Also, you can quickly fix your problem here, so come to the proper place. Hence, You'll learn useful information from this article, and this article will help you activate windows without an activation code.