How to buy?

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How to buy?

Postby Fri13 » Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:53

So, over year and still impossible to buy anything. How you do it now?

1. How do you pre-order, get the invoice when the product is available (week notice), get the order and wait?
2. How to get the notification, do the payment, wait for the product to get shipped?

I last time visited few weeks ago on the site and no today came and there is "Pre-order has ended" and I have not received any notifications from anything about such things.

It is easier to in in lottery than get a change to buy one of your products!

It shouldn't be so difficult to get the system running that accepts the payments, pre-orders and sends then invoices when product is in stock, if the pre-order ain't cancelled.

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Re: How to buy?

Postby Slant » Fri Aug 31, 2018 16:35

I agree. I could not preorder and now it is no longer possible. When was it possible? I want to spend 600-700 euros on stick and throttle... And right now whoever gets my order first gets the money. Virpil or vkb.

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Re: How to buy?

Postby Fri13 » Sat Sep 01, 2018 10:09

I couldn't even get the email notification when new stock appears... It just said that it is not possible.
So one can't get notification from availability, can't get preorder, can't get anything than "out of stock".

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Re: How to buy?

Postby Eduard VKB FSC » Mon Sep 03, 2018 15:23

Hi guys,
We do not offer pre-orders until we have a confirmation from HQ about the quote produced for EU market. We have just got information for the next shipping currently expected for November this year and will prepare and open new pre-ordering for Gunfighter joysticks.

The information about pre-ordering will be posted here, on the website and send over via email.

Please, note that pre-ordering means just reservation of your item. No pre-payments are required.
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