VKB Gladiator For Elite Dangerous in Europe - "Kosmosima"

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VKB Gladiator For Elite Dangerous in Europe - "Kosmosima"

Postby Jammer » Sat Jun 03, 2017 17:11

Hi All,

I have been following VKB for a while now and am very interested in their products. I just wanted to clarify a few things and make sure that my understanding is correct.

I know that the VKB branded Gladiator MKII will not be sold in Europe and will be produced by various 3rd party companies with vary degrees of changes to the VKB original design.

So that leaves us in Europe with the VKB branded Gladiator Pro MKII. Up until I found out that the Gladiator MKII wasn't coming to Europe I wasn't looking at the Pro MKII due to price and lack of twist action on the grip. However I have head that the upcoming Kosmosima grip may include twist and thus bring twist to the Gladiator Pro MKII. Is this known/confirm yet?

I'm very interested in the upcoming throttle controller so all in all this is looking like it's getting expensive due to the lack of Gladiator in Europe. Even more so if the twist action isn't available in the new Grip and I end up needing Rudder Pedals as well.

Gladiator Pro MKII - €211
Throttle €200??
Kosmosima €100??
Pedal €170


Wow ...

I'm guessing that ordering a Gladiator MKII from the US would be fine as it's a licensing issue rather than a technical issue? Or am I missing something here? The reason I've been so interested in VKB is their attention to detail and quality of the components etc which is why I'm not really interested in buying the 3rd party versions if they have essentially cut corners in the VKB design.

Any info/help on this would be really great.



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Re: VKB Gladiator For Elite Dangerous in Europe - "Kosmosima"

Postby RecklessPrudence » Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:53

As far as I know, the Gladiator MKII has the same limitation as the Gladiator MKI - ie, that the grip is not swappable. So if you're looking at a grip with more buttons, you need a Pro or a Gunfighter, anyway. As for using the Kosmosima with a throttle, as of yet we have no confirmation that a right-handed throttle will be on offer (although one would hope). This matters, because the Kosmosima is confirmed to be a left-handed grip. If you're a lefty and want HOTAS, that's great! Possibly the first time it's been possible with a decent number of buttons, and certainly the first time it's been available with VKB's quality of internals (unless you're already ordering bespoke custom-made ones for well north of $1000USD). If you want a high-quality HOSAS, it's also going to be great. But if you are right-handed and want a HOTAS, you're probably better off with an MCG or MCG Pro, and a left-handed throttle. The Kosmosima is confirmed to have twist, and the MCG will have a twist adapter available, released at the same time as the MCG Pro. So unless you really want the extra inputs, you should be able to go without pedals. Especially since there's a good chance any space throttle from VKB will have the other inputs necessary for 6DOF flight, either in a thumb- or fingerstick, or in some other, more ergonomic, fashion. There's been a few ideas for such a throttle bouncing around these forums, if you're interested.

And yeah, it does end up costing a bit. I've been using some of my scholarship money on my Gunfighter base and have some I put away at the same time for the MCG Pro, and I'm hoping I can repeat the process once VKB releases a space throttle. Otherwise, it would take me over a quarter of a year of saving just for a normal Gunfighter, to say nothing of the grip! (I don't have much spare cash, but I choose to spend it on tings I will enjoy.

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