Is getting updated anytime soon?

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Is getting updated anytime soon?

Postby pretagonist » Mon Jan 30, 2017 23:34

I'm in Europe and it seems to me like the american and Russian stores/websites are attractive active things while the European is stale and only shows old sticks that are more or less permanently out of stock. When I first started looking into VKB, the FSC site was what I found first and it seemed very sketchy until I found the forums. And as a small expensive enthusiast shop the last thing you want is to seem sketchy.

So does anyone know if FSC will get a similar makeover as and Or is it perhaps run under a separate entity altogether? I would really like some info about when the new sticks goes on sale and such but the FSC-site hasn't had any news in over a month and there has been a lot of actual developments regarding VKB during that time.

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Re: Is getting updated anytime soon?

Postby Harald » Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:01

Yes for me the same...
I am disgusted the way the European site is(not)working...
It says all that there is no replay from ?... at all...
I think it,s a guy called Eduard who is running the European site...
The (new) U.S -site is up,to date with new things etc....
The European is only filled with sold out products....
WHAT A COMMERCIAL i would say.... there somebody?
Sleep well. Eduard.........

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Re: Is getting updated anytime soon?

Postby Daniel » Sun Feb 12, 2017 22:58

From the lack of a reply I guess not, I also made a question about this in the Q&A topic but got no reply.
Its a shame the site for the NA market is up to date and looks modern with all the new equipment shown, it looks like a proper website that belongs with a company that makes high end equipment.
unlike the European website that looks more like something that was made in a afternoon for fun, and has all the sticks that have been sold out for ages still visible.
Its a missed opportunity I would say...

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Re: Is getting updated anytime soon?

Postby Eduard VKB FSC » Wed Feb 22, 2017 18:10

Hi guys,

I understand the frustration with the look of the FSC site. The new site is being tested right now. However, EU market is more complicated that NA or Russian as it has different payments options per country and more shipping options. The new site will be much more flexible to pay online with less cost for clients.

Best regards,
VKB store in Europe -

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Re: Is getting updated anytime soon?

Postby Macross » Mon May 01, 2017 11:54

I dont really mind the looks, only thing i care, that it works :) couple time have ordered and works like a charm.
I think one payment opinion would be enough ( paypal ), since near everyone uses it when ordering out country.

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Re: Is getting updated anytime soon?

Postby pizmak » Fri Sep 15, 2017 16:49

Hey guys, is there any information regarding new site? It seems that we are slightly left behind the rest of the markets :( I'd like to have an early opportunity to order your products, RU and US sites have the products listed nicely with the information whether they are in development or when a new shipment can be expected, would love to have this kind of updated information on the EU site. Cheers.

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