Release date of Gunfighter pro?

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Release date of Gunfighter pro?

Postby harf4ng » Sun Oct 23, 2016 15:51


I currently own a warthog hotas I have issues with, so considering a refund.
Then someone talked about the gunfighter pro, and was very pleased with what I saw. A whole metal stick, even the gimbal, is awesome (I hate the plastic gimbal of the warthog).

So I wonder when the gunfighter pro will be available in europe. To check if I should get a new warthog, or wait for the gunfighter pro.

btw I have read the gunfighter pro will have the grip of the gladiator. Does it mean it will be a plastic grip? Or will it be full metal? And does it also means there will be few buttons on the gunfighter pro? For sims like star citizen, a lot of buttons is useful, to have on the stick for instance the targetting system, misc weapons, chaffs, and so on...

Any idea if we could fit the gunfighter pro on a mount designed for the warthog stick?


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