Gladiator Pro

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Gladiator Pro

Postby david_wi » Sun Oct 02, 2016 19:41

Hi guys
Got the a few days ago.
What a nice product and how clever too.
The idea of no drivers is brilliant.
Also the grip movment, is very responsive and precise.
I can really say that it is better than the Warthog Hotas and Saitek X56 whice I own.
I like also the slick look of the unit.
Assigning the buttons and axis is very easy.
I send to all the guys at VKB big thanks for a fine and beautiful product.


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Re: Gladiator Pro

Postby Martijnvdm » Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:49


That's good to hear! I ordered mine last week, so i'm very excited and looking forward to trying it out. Which springs do you use?

Grt M

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Re: Gladiator Pro

Postby david_wi » Wed Oct 05, 2016 19:14

I have the default one, it perfect for me.
Use it for some time before you make changes.

Bye, David

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Re: Gladiator Pro

Postby harf4ng » Tue Oct 25, 2016 13:15

The issue I see with the gladiator pro is that the base is too big. Too much of a footprint to be well included in a flying computer cockpit.
That is why I like my warthog as well, the small footprint.

Though the gunfighter will fix that, and be the ultimate flightstick ;) Can't wait to have one ^^

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Re: Gladiator Pro

Postby louviljlj » Sat Dec 03, 2016 15:34

Can any other handle be purchased to fit on the Gladiator Pro such as the one that was on the Mamba 'the one that had more hats/buttons'?

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Re: Gladiator Pro

Postby Sokol1 » Sun Dec 04, 2016 4:22


Probable early in 2017 you will able to buy adapters that allow use in Gladiator PRO and in the incoming Gunfighter bases:

Warthog and Cougar F-16'ish grips
Cobra M5 - Su-33'ish "lookalike"

Notice that VKB don't sell the above grips, you need provide one.

And the new VKB multi-button grip, informally dubbed "Kosmosima" - a helicopter based grip, but suitable to for spaceships and modern jet's.
The lastest "rumor" about: :) ... tcount=243

I asked to be made a adapter for CH F16 Fighterstick and Combatstick grips, since they are largely available, but for now this not confirmed the possibility (they use diode matrix instead shift register).
If this adapter don't come from VKB, maybe Debolestis (DCSW forum) can drawn one for 3D Print in Shapeways (he always provide parts for Cougar, Warthog), PCB for shift register boards is already available, just will be not be "PnP", will need internal HAT/buttons re-wire - for replace the diode matrix.

Is just mater of:


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