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Re: Questions and answers

Postby Sokol1 » Sat Jan 27, 2018 19:55

Mr Dinsdale wrote: I have the Fat Black Mamba and starting to get a little impatient for news on a compatible MCG Pro grip/5 to 3 pin adapter.

Signup vkbcontrollers (USA) Newsletter, then you know that no adapter will be made, but an compatible MG grip for legacy bases: :wink:

About MCG Compatibility:

VKB HQ is planning a special edition of the MCG – the ‘MCG MG’ with a 5-pin connector. This version will allow backward compatibility with older generation VKB-Sim controllers, such as:

Black/Fat Mamba Mk.II / Mk.III

Vintage Mamba

Gladiator Pro Mk.I

KingCobra Mk.IV

Besides having a 5-pin connector, the MCG MG is no different than its 3-pin counterparts – MCG MG (14 programmable buttons, 5 analog axes) and MCG MG Pro (24 programmable buttons, 6 analog axes).

This solution is still up for discussion at VKB HQ, as there’s another option: instead of offering the MCG MG variant with 5-pin connector built in, an adapter could be made available instead.

Such adapter would allow the 3-pin MCG to be adapted to the aforementioned older controllers. However, an adapter would add around 20mm to the overall height of the MCG grip – which might not be the most desired outcome.

BTW - This special versions is the last in queue, so expect arrive in EU in April/May.

Mr Dinsdale
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Re: Questions and answers

Postby Mr Dinsdale » Sun Jan 28, 2018 0:02

Thanks for the info, signed up! Gives me some time to recover from buying a set of pedals at least :D

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