trigger problem with my new Glad nxt evo

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trigger problem with my new Glad nxt evo

Postby ArtDev » Tue Oct 18, 2022 19:01


I have some questions about the controls:

Trigger: My trigger doesn't want to work in combat as I am flying hard, noticeable in banking and diving. I get on a target and just when I need it...I squeeze the trigger, either first or second click makes no difference, And I get 1 to 3 shots instead of a burst and repeated pulling of trigger fires 1 shot at a time and of course I lose the target. I have ammo and the guns are not jammed. Now, when I test flight or game flight on a level flight it will shoot as long as I hold the trigger until the guns jam (about 300 rounds in this particular case).

I have tried clearing the trigger buttons in the game and reassigning them but it still does the same thing.

Less of a problem but still questionable is the thumb button I set (gray and halfway up the stick). It works but in a plane with 4 bombs it takes a deliberate push and slight pause to release each bomb. My old stick would release each bomb as fast as I could push the button.

Can't really fly combat without the guns being dependable.

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