MCGU/GF3 with GNXT EVO-ota solution

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MCGU/GF3 with GNXT EVO-ota solution

Postby KenjaTaimu » Wed Jun 22, 2022 3:15

Im in the middle of buying a couple of solutions. I thought of getting 2x GNXT RH + LH-ota or GF3-MCGU + GNXT-LH-ota. If anyone has any feedback I would really appreciate it. I will be starting out with Star Citizen but I eventually would love to get into DCS/Warbirds once I get a set of pedals.

Half of me is saying "go for the better gimbal! And I can purchase another GNXT RH for my son when he wants to sim himself when the time comes. I even thought of getting 2x GF3 but since Im stuck with ordering twice no matter what (USA shipping) then Im looking for options.

Second question - If I were to ever get a GF3 for LH... is the OTA worth it? It just seems like it is odd placement but I dont have experience so Im asking?

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