UCM-S Dimensions

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UCM-S Dimensions

Postby Frisky Llama » Sat Jun 04, 2022 2:45

Hello VKB crew!

I tried asking VKB North America this question and they referred me to the forum, so here goes!

I am looking at purchasing the UCM-S GF for my aluminum profile rig that is primarily used for racing simulation. I was wondering what the dimensions are overall as well as the dimensions of the top clamp section between where the top of the table grip is and the tightening mechanism. I have my wheelbase mounted permanently but thought the desk clamp might be an ideal solution for switching quickly between racing and flight sim configurations, so long as it clears the bottom of my wheelbase. Does anyone happen to have a schematic/blueprint detailing the dimensions of each component of the UCM-S GF or could at least tell me how much clearance between the top of the “table” and my wheel base would need to have to fit this thing?
Hopefully that all makes sense and I worded it correctly. I have also attached some photos that may help someone visualize what I’m trying to do and what dimension I would be looking for. Thank you!

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