November 2018 Gunfighter Pro release?

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November 2018 Gunfighter Pro release?

Postby bandp2 » Sat Nov 10, 2018 11:04

Hi guys

Just wondering when you have any information on the next release of Joystick (Gunfighter Pro) there was a product release around September 2018 but that didn't happen, I am cashed up and waiting could you please give us an update? it's very frustrating to always look and see "Next batch availability: To be determined by VKB HQ." all the time? I know your competitor is selling a similar product but I'm wanting a VKB! so could you please give us an update please?
and any info on the throttle because if the pictures I have seen are any indication please count me in! it look amazing.

Thank you.

Ecoline Crush
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Re: November 2018 Gunfighter Pro release?

Postby Ecoline Crush » Wed Nov 14, 2018 0:05

Hi, wondering the same thing.

Ready to purchase VKB Gunfighter MKII MCG Pro, but hasn't been available in "forever". (Was supposed to be available in September but now its nearly 2 months later....)

Is there any other place to buy it that will ship to the USA?

BUT PLEASE LET US KNOW if you guys are disbanding the company or not making products anymore. I already have one Gunfighter MKII and looking to get my second one for dual stick setup.
If you guys are thinking of going OUT OF BUSINESS, then waiting on you guys is detrimental to our purchasing options and we will need to know when to sell it and look elsewhere for a dual stick setup (we all know the competitor but this scenario poses a serious question obviously).

Thank you very much!

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