#50 Springs Gladiator Pro MKII

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#50 Springs Gladiator Pro MKII

Postby chinitoh » Wed Aug 08, 2018 15:40


I have a question. I know the #50 springs are meant to be used with extensions. I have the MCG Pro on the Gladiator Pro MKII with #40 springs on. I feel that I need more tension as the centre is too soft with the grip. It feels great with the default KG12 that it came with, but having a taller and bulkier grip, MCG Pro, makes it a little soft. Is it possible to use the #50 springs in the Gladiator Pro MKII with the MCG Pro or will it snap the stick and gimball off the plastic base?

Thank you.

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Re: #50 Springs Gladiator Pro MKII

Postby philip.manhart » Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:43

Maybe use the heavier cams? I'm using the default springs with the heavier cam giving it a slightly stronger centering force to keep it where it should be.

I'm using the MCG Pro with the Gladiator Pro as well.

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