Getting to grips with the Gladiator!

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Getting to grips with the Gladiator!

Postby dkouts » Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:27

Hi. My Gladiator Mk2 (non-pro) arrived yesterday and I'd like to ask some questions etc.

What games do you recommend with a fast learning-curve, so I can try the stick without setting a hundred variables and button mappings first!?
(I've discovered flight sims are insanely complex!)

My Thrustmaster racing wheel T300RS pedals cable fits with the network port on the Gladiator - can I use them in-game for controlling rudders or throttle?
Are they compatible devices?

I found the center bump too strong, so unscrewed the base plate and removed the two X/Y axis springs and put small soft rubber bands over the lugs. Much softer across the center now.
Any tips for increasing the friction a little? Would like a bit of that dry-clutch feel!

AM I right in thinking that with the Upgrade Kit here: ... g-bundle-2
I'll be able to mount a MCG grip on the base when they're available? And will that remove the twist function.

Thanks in advance!

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