HOTAS/HOSAS/SIMPIT Discord Server, now with extra discussions!

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HOTAS/HOSAS/SIMPIT Discord Server, now with extra discussions!

Postby ddrake1984 » Wed May 23, 2018 8:44


My name is Daniel and I have setup a HOTAS/HOSAS/SIMPIT discord server to become the one source repository for all knowledge relating to joysticks and simulators.

We now host more than 250+ members all of whom have joysticks and some with simulators, and have experience in using them.

We play many games, but our discussions revolve mostly around the devices themselves and how we use them, service them, upgrade them and improve on them, configurations/bindings/faqs and more.

I am reaching out to every user, moderator, vendor and anyone who wishes to participate directly with the community who can benefit from this information.

Feel free to join and ping me if you want specific tags to the devices you own for ease of identification or feel free to pass this information on to whomever you feel might benefit.

I am also asking vendors to come and join as we have a mutual interest in providing feedback to the customers in the form of news and events.

Discord Server:

Thank you.

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Re: HOTAS/HOSAS/SIMPIT Discord Server, now with extra discussions!

Postby marcusstratus » Tue Jun 12, 2018 19:30

Groovy, thanks for sharing the news. When I get back into flying again, I'll see about looking you up

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