*VKB* and the sim world need*

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*VKB* and the sim world need*

Postby Bad_Karma_701 » Tue Feb 27, 2018 21:50

there is a need and no one at the moment has created a high fidelity and high quality helicopter collective and throttle. picture warthog throttle assembly with all its switches and combined with a cars E-brake with twist and a couple buttons. in the same or similar footprint.

something similar to the lynx, cobra, hind, or havoc would sell like crazy paired with the MCG you'd have what no one else is selling..
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Re: *VKB* and the sim world need*

Postby snuffles » Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:54

Hell, I'd start with the platforms that are already available to the community - the DCS World KA-50 comes to mind.

As a potential first grip & cyclic kit, the KA-50 doesn't have the most complex cyclic grip, but it does have an interesting trigger array for starters. Working from the current concept of interchangeable grips, I think VKB are well-placed to design, and possibly produce a world-class HOCAS class of controllers.

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