CAM #10 too tight, does exist a CAM #5?

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CAM #10 too tight, does exist a CAM #5?

Postby feehza » Fri Jan 26, 2018 21:18

I find, that the CAM #10 does have a noticeable resistance after i move my Gunfighter for about 1/3 inch in any direction. That forces a circle movement into a square movement.
The reason is, the surface of the cam #10 is rising to abrupt.
Yes i know, its the softest cam available, but its not soft enough.
For myself i milled a more soften CAM with CNC. Since i havent the original measurements its not well balanced,
But the movement of the stick is more creamy without any blocking.

So, does VKB have a CAM #5 in their product assortment?

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Re: CAM #10 too tight, does exist a CAM #5?

Postby Sideslip » Sat Jan 27, 2018 23:07

If you find the resistance too tight than use a weaker spring strength. #10 is the lowest. If you are referring to the way the force is very light at the center and very strong at the ends, that is just the way they designed it (so you can make very light corrections in the center). I only know of 3 cams, #10 #30 and the warthog cam to counter the heavy weight of the metal stick. #30 is more linear (more force at center, slightly less than #10 at the ends) but it has quite a strong center detente.

Personally I'd like a cam between #10 and #30 with the same soft center of #10 and same force at the end, and the higher force near center of the #30 cam to provide a more linear increase.

If you are making your own, copy #30 and overlay the center of #10 and you will probably have what you want. Heck you could probably get the shapes just using a simple scanner.

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Re: CAM #10 too tight, does exist a CAM #5?

Postby AeroGator » Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:30

Sorry I was too late to reply.
Sideslip replied quite well and right to the point, little to add if anything.
Just want to say that going ahead with making your own cams will not void the warranty, so don't hesitate to try!
The only thing, take care and don't damage the PCBs while replacing the cams.

Talking about making cross-bred (10/30) cams.... errr... we don't see it viable for the foreseeable future.
Who knows what can happen a year later, but for now there is little we can offer in this respect. Sorry.
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