Firmware updates and Import/Export of existing edits

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Firmware updates and Import/Export of existing edits

Postby rtrski » Sat Jan 20, 2018 17:22

Gents, quick basic top-level question, applicable to overall VKB operations, but in my personal context I'm asking regarding the Gunfighter MkII Base (B-connection) with a Modern Combat Grip Pro (MCGPro) mounted.

There has been several rapid firmware updates. I know this will settle out soon. However, each firmware update requires as the procedure going back to a default configuration using VKBDevCfg, and Setting that, before flashing to the new.

As I've played around a bit with buttons adding secondary tempo virtual buttons, or altered axis response curves and all, is it safe to:
  • Save my currently edited setup information
  • Revert to default
  • Flash new firmware
  • Recalibrate
  • Import my saved configuration created before the firmware update
If not, I understand, I can take screenshots of panels and reproduce my changes, (or just try to remember), but it would be much easier if the above doesn't put me in some sort of danger.
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