Preferred Cam/Springs for Space sims

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Preferred Cam/Springs for Space sims

Postby ADMRL » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:53

Just curious at what everyones preferred setup was for space sims?

Currently I am using #30 springs on each axis and #10 cam.

I am finding that around the centre position that the stick is a little too sensitive for precision aiming. Does anyone know if changing the cam to #30 would be better for lowering the sensitivity around the centre?

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Re: Preferred Cam/Springs for Space sims

Postby zenmonkey » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:03

Right now I'm using the stock springs and cams, it seems fine though you need adjust the deadzone, and possibly the response curve. Changing the springs will change thing resistance but not the sensitivity. I wouldn't recommend changing the cams. On my left stick I have the #30 cams with #10 springs and you need more force to get the past the the detent than the #30 springs with smooth cams. So more resistance will maintain the same sensitivity with the added complications of potentially applying too much force and overshooting

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Re: Preferred Cam/Springs for Space sims

Postby AeroGator » Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:32

Wait one day before getting into this curve thing.
We were pointed to a bug in the firmware, corrected it and now testing before making the debugged FW public.
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Re: Preferred Cam/Springs for Space sims

Postby marcusstratus » Thu Jan 18, 2018 20:31

I think I've finished setting up my GF to my liking. Last night I was finally able to stay on target and pop some pirates in Star Citizen (after a year of hardly being able to dogfight with my X-55). I changed back to #10 cams on both Axes because the detent on #30 was throwing off accuracy. Also have #30+#10 Springs on both axes (not the same as #40 Springs, that was too stiff) I haven't messed with anything in VKBdevcfg yet, but I did set up curves in Star Citizen. I set the curves of both axes similar (used for pitch and yaw) starting at 1.7. I then edited the top half of the curve so it's S-shaped and that gave me good accuracy for aiming but felt natural with large maneuvers too. I set 0% deadzone on pitch and yaw axes because the GF is so accurate I needed as much movement as I could get in the center.

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