Twist compatibility and advice

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Twist compatibility and advice

Postby pretagonist » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:28

I have a rev.A Gunfighter pro and my plan is to at some point have two gunfighters with MCG and a twist on the right stick.

Now this is where it gets confusing. As far as I understand if i keep buying stuff as it's released

  1. MCG rev A
  2. twist (rev A?)
  3. Gunfighter base (rev B)
  4. Right hand stick (kosmosima, MCG left or perhaps some throttle version with X axis?)

I will essentially end up with two different sticks with incompatible parts. The twist will only work on one stick (and not on the old kg12 either). The pro extension that i have will only work on one stick? And so on.

The best solution then seems to be to upgrade my rev.A base to a B-base and just get all B accessories from here on out and let the kg12 and the extension gather dust in a drawer somewhere. Will VKB be offering upgrade kits? Or should I just try to sell my Gunfighter Pro and start over?

It seems to me that for every new piece of kit VKB adds the complexity goes up considerably for us early adopters.

Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited about the new products and I long to be able to give VKB more of my money, but it's beginning to get rather confusing.

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Re: Twist compatibility and advice

Postby AeroGator » Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:33

pretagonist wrote:I have a rev.A Gunfighter....

Thank you for nice words about our product. Yes I understand it is confusing that although we are (really) doing our best to make everything compatible with everything, there are still some confusing issues.
Like this A and B thing.
First to say, there is no "upgrade" from A to B. A in in no way worse than B; B is in no way better than A. You can compare this situation to what happened in the UK when they switched from imperial units to metric.
There will be no conversion kit to turn an A-base into a B-base. Theoretically, it will be possible, but too tricky to do that at home, as one will need some special custom tools to replace the key parts. So the best is to let A remain A, and if you have one set in A, just keep it this way.
You have an A-base, so buy an A-MCG. And an A-twist.
Anyway, it is for your right hand, and twists will be also different for right and for left hands.
So your right hand side is A, which doesn't hurt anyone; as you know we promised to keep supporting A-products for lifetime.
Then, whatever comes for the left hand, you can buy in B-version. It is worth mentioning that left-hand grips are not yet on the market and we have other things to do before we sit down to start making them, hence you have no urgent need to start buying bass for not-yet-produced grips.
I'm not sure why you think you might want to retire the extension. The twist will be easily fittable to the extension.
Having said all the above, I want to reiterate that I understand it does sometime get confusing.
I'm afraid this confusion is what we (not only buyers, but we as well) pay for being on the edge.
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Re: Twist compatibility and advice

Postby pretagonist » Mon Oct 23, 2017 12:51

Thank you for your response. I think I understand more about how to proceed now.

I guess the only thing left to do is wait for pre-orders to open here in Europe.

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