Future setup : many questions

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Future setup : many questions

Postby PanzerKadaver » Sun Jul 23, 2017 17:10

Hi everyone,

With the release of Star Citizen 3.0 approaching, I begin to think about my future battlestation.

I will mainly piloting a very large ship (a Reclaimer, if you ask) and since I'll have to maneuver very near to space debris, an hotas setup will be inefficient.

So : A dual Gunfighter sticks + T-Rudders Mk.IV sounds way better (imo, twist axis on stick is devil)

Left stick manage the strafe (left, right, up, down)
Right stick manage two axis (pitch and roll)
Rudders manage the last axis (yaw)

My ship is equipped with four tilting/oriental propulsor, so another two Throttle Control System will probably be needed.
And because, I love to moar button than I need, two ECP (one per stick) will be added.

Here come the questions :

- Will the modular system be able to manage seven devices ?
- Is left stick setup is already planned or I'll have to buy a spare stick ?
- Selling only the Gunfighter base is planned ?
- Just to be sure, ECP is a different Gunfighter base or a module ?
- Same question for the TCS
- Will TCS come directly with the dual-engine throttle ?

Thanks in advance for answers

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