Anyone have a Plastic KG12 they want to sell or swap?

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Anyone have a Plastic KG12 they want to sell or swap?

Postby invictus84 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 14:48

Looking to get one for my Mamba. If you have one from a vintage Mamba or Mk I Gladiator Pro you are not using, I'd be willing to buy it or swap for one I have. I have the old Cobra grip that came with my Mamba and a plastic F16 style grip from the old Thrustmaster F22 stick which I converted for use with the Mk III Mamba using a spare Warthog adapter. Simple conversion, as the Warthog and Cougar simply continued the same structural design of the older Thrustmaster F16 sticks.

FYI - if anyone is interested in learning how to do that conversion let me know. I can even give some pointers how to use VKBConfig to create a profile for it or other sticks you might want to convert.

I was in the process of converting a Suncom Talon F15 stick when I heard the news about Thrustmaster's new F18 style stick for the Warthog, which was shown at E3. Since it appears the new stick uses the same connector as the Warthog (so you can swap sticks) their tendency to pass design features to newer sticks, its a good bet the new stick will be able to be converted using a VKB Warthog adapter as well.

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