So I've been hearing conflicting things...

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So I've been hearing conflicting things...

Postby RecklessPrudence » Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:33

Just to start: I don't speak Russian, or any languages apart from the two I share with Korben Dallas - English and Bad English - so all the information I've heard has been second-hand. That said, the stuff I've heard from people who hear it in various places has been remarkably reliable in the past, with regards to VKB. But recently I've heard some conflicting things about the possibility of a Space Throttle. One guy, who's been pretty good in the past, said that there were going to be three throttle grips for the modular throttle thingie VKB's working on, a WWII one, a modern jet grip one with a split grip for two-engine functionality, and a space one with twist. I got excited, because a throttle with twist is likely to be a a 6DOF throttle, and with twist for horizontal translate and hopefully one other analog axis for vertical translate, that's pretty much my dream throttle. Hell, I even made a topic a while ago proposing pretty much the same thing! (Admittedly, that thread's throttle would have used a Gunfighter base, and been essentially a throttle grip on a stick gimbal - but the main thing was 6DOF with two axes determined by throttle motion, and one by finger motion)

But then, less than two weeks later, I heard from a different guy, who has also been pretty good in the past, that there's no Space Throttle planned, and that's what the Space Grip is for, for 6DOF.

While I know twin-stick is a good way to go about things, and provides very precise control in all axes, I'm hoping to hear that there's still going to be a space throttle that provides the same number of axes, for those of us that just can't get that old muscle memory out.

(And as an aside, if there is going to be a space throttle, can I make a request for a endless scrollwheel under the little finger? Would be great for subsystem targeting)

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