Some Questions About VKB products

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Some Questions About VKB products

Postby Skoop » Sun Feb 26, 2017 22:13

I'm interested in the soon to be open for ordering Gunfighter. In the product description it says the Pro version of the Gunfighter comes with everything that the standard version comes with in addition to the extension and narrow base. So does this mean that we get the wide base with the Pro along with the narrow base ? I may just get the pro gunfighter event though I have no immediate plans to use the extension, I just like having the option available in case I do. Also like having the option of switching between the wide and narrow base.

Also, the ECP sounds very interesting. Like having the additional switches and encoders for trim, but not sure having it on the gunfighter base is good especially if the base is mounted to your floor when using an extension. I'd like to see the ECP have the option to be stand alone and be used like a separate controller. So in theory. you'd have a gunfighter stick, the ecp sitting somewhere else, your throttle, and pedals.

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