Another question for Star Citizen pilots

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Does a Left/Right hand grip for a dual stick setup need to be the same grip design for both?

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Yes, both left/right hand grips need to be of the same design, just mirrored for left/right hand use (explain why)
No, one grip can be of a different design than the other, so long as I have a a grip for the left hand, and one the right hand (explain why)
I don't care
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Re: Another question for Star Citizen pilots

Postby azmodiuz » Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:36

I would NOT mind different grips for either hand, let me explain why in my own opinion.

Essentially, I want to be able to have higher degree of control and aim for my right hand. I also do not want to have to fight the gimbal or stick for control, i want some sort of feedback that is easy to use and not confusing, but with the most important features needed and ease of use.

12 buttons is fine. Forget switching button "sets"
this is 2 x 4 way hat (* as opposed to an single 8 way hat, I prefer having two, with very definable up/down/left/right for ease of use), and double firing position button.
The base grip you guys use would be fine, just add another hat, or 4 smaller buttons in two different area's for ease of use.
An example of the latter would be, how on the X52 you have these two buttons, in SC they are mapped to FLARE and CAMERA.
Maybe the pinky grip should get a mini stick so it's easier to press, sort of like the Warthog.
The usual 4 way should be target friendly/nearest/enemy...etc usual.

As for the left hand, I would need a slider for throttle. Replace the HAT 4/8 way button with a thumb moveable throttle.
I would need at least 8 OTHER buttons, to mirror the ones on the right hand in function like follows :
The two buttons I gave an example of for / from the X52, i would have the modifier versions on the left stick.
i.e I could switch ECM/Flares and I could RESET Camera quickly (Get back into combat)

I would like to do the same for weapons groups. 1-2 on the right hand stick 3-4 on the left hand stick.
I would have a FIRE missiles button on the right hand stick, but SELECT which missiles on the left. LOCK would be HOLDING MISSILE FIRE, Clearing Locks would be Holding missile select.

I would make holding the SELECT flares or RESET Camera buttons Zoom in or out in Camera mode on the left hand grip.

I would want Twist on both sticks. Or at least on the right hand stick.
If it became only available for the left hand, then you can bet I would end up modding it, and getting a mirror done or something to make it right hand.
Best to just offer the ability to choose this ourselves, and save the hassle.

I would have boost and SCM speeds a button trigger on the left stick, and a IFCS safeties on the right hand stick, along with decoupled.

any buttons for landings, Lights, selfdestruct, QD, Power 1-2-3 etc should be on a base and not on the stick.

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Re: Another question for Star Citizen pilots

Postby zenmonkey » Wed Mar 15, 2017 21:14

I just saw the design on the MCG, it's looking good. I was wondering if the break lever will be on the left hand grip as well. My thinking is that it would work well for vertical strafe. One hand for Up the other for Down. I'm also curious about the ergonomics and precision of the ministicks.

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Re: Another question for Star Citizen pilots

Postby rrohde » Fri Mar 17, 2017 17:39

There hasn't been any updates on the Kosmosima (left-handed grip) yet after the notion of wanting to redesign it based on the great discussions here. So, VKB hopes to have more news about the Kosmosima after the Gunfighters have shipped. :)
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Re: Another question for Star Citizen pilots

Postby Caillin » Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:24

Thanks for the update rrhode. Communication has been on point since you came on board

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Re: Another question for Star Citizen pilots

Postby Haze » Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:29

I do not really care if the left hand stick is mirrored or not, but a well placed analog button like on the MCG is very important as well as twist. I would hope that all it has the same amount of buttons/hats/triggers as the MCG, perhaps even more because it's my off hand. I typically use my left t16000m y axis: strafe forward back, x axis: strafe left right, twist: strafe up/down. With a good analog stick I would prefer to move the strafe left/right to it.

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Re: Another question for Star Citizen pilots

Postby Stin » Fri Mar 24, 2017 22:16

Different grips are not necessarily important to me.
I think having similar resistances on the axis might be more important than stick symmetry.

Having said that, since learning things left handed has been shown to improve performing actions right handed, it might make sense if they were the same so that you could reverse/mirror the setup if you wanted to.

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Re: Another question for Star Citizen pilots

Postby rrohde » Tue Mar 28, 2017 14:53

thank you so much for your feedback so far. VKB HQ has gleaned a lot from it in for redesigning the Kosmosima to be more in line what you described would be desirable here. Stay tuned for more info down the line after the Modern Combat Grip (MCG) is ready.
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Re: Another question for Star Citizen pilots

Postby Macross » Thu Apr 06, 2017 13:19

Hey rrohde,
Have there been any talk, that will there be "kosmosima" for right hand allso, or will MCG serve as right grip?
In VKB US site it says " Under Development: Left-hand grip design"
That can be understand as left only or right ready. And in MCG there will be mini joystick/hat combo for space sim use, which would fall for right stick in dual setup.
Little confusing.

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