Stronghold adjustability?

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Stronghold adjustability?

Postby EOD-ONE » Fri Sep 04, 2020 21:32


So I’ve had my Stronghold Mounts for quite some time now, and I absolutely love them. I assembled them and installed them the exact way that the tutorials showed.

I’m just facing one small dilemma. I have the short versions (Space Ace Set) with my GF3’s/Kososimas mounted on them, and they are a bit low for me. My stupid chair has high armrests, so I was trying to think of a way that I could raise the mounts. You can’t really adjust the height of the mounts though, because all of the bolts need to line up in their proper slots. Should I just get some kind of risers to put on the desk so that the mounts are an inch or two higher? I guess I could just cut some wood to fit perfectly under the top clamp (and paint the pieces black).

Has anyone done this? Thanks!

Oh, also, I have a question about the upcoming TECS throttle, or rather how it will mount to the Strongholds. Will it have a new/specific mounting plate? If so, will it be included or have to be bought separately? I’m asking because I plan on getting one, and currently have 2 mousepad mount plates (along with the 2 GF3 Base Plates). I have my mouse on the right one, and my current throttle resting on the left one (secured with 3M Command Strips). If it will utilize the WT (Warthog Throttle Mounting Plate), how can I get one? I already have 4 Stronghold Mounts so I don’t need to buy another one, but the WT Plate isn’t sold separately (its only sold with a complete mount for over $100). Thanks.

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Re: Stronghold adjustability?

Postby fallout9 » Fri Sep 04, 2020 23:38

Post a picture of your setup to see what could be done. Are your bases installed on top or under the base plate?

The TECS line will come with its own plates and they'll be available to purchase separately, don't worry about it.

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