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UCM Keyboard/Phone/Drink Holder Installation?

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 5:27
by Mazer327
I have all the extras listed in the topic (keyboard/phone/drink holder) for my UCM, and while there are helpful guides on how to set up the UCM itself, there is nothing that tells me how to install the addons.

Without the YouTube videos on how to assemble the UCM itself, I would have been maybe ok just b/c I had some sort of paper instructions. There is nothing in any of my boxes explaining how to install the addons however.

Very happy there were videos explaining how to install the UCM itself as there are a ton of different parts and the instructions (while at least there) not very helpful with screw sizes, washer needs, etc.

Is there something I'm missing somewhere that would show how to do this?

Thank you!

Re: UCM Keyboard/Phone/Drink Holder Installation?

Posted: Sun May 17, 2020 2:10
by fallout9
Drink holder could be attached on any hole on the side of the mounts.
Keyboard and phone holder on any bracket, here's how:
You need these parts: bracket, phone/keyboard holder, 2 M3 screws with 2 washers, 2 spring washers and 2 square nuts. The long metal piece which is the keyboard support is optional (some people use 2 phone/keyboard holders for their keyboard).
The contact point could be the upper groove or the lower one, this depends on you.



Re: UCM Keyboard/Phone/Drink Holder Installation?

Posted: Sun May 17, 2020 8:08
by Mazer327
Awesome, thank you for the reply.

The way I have my mounts set up is too far apart to hold the keyboard in a way I am comfortable with 2 mounts.

If I am trying to use the keyboard support, how would I attach that? It comes with some additional parts that the phone holder does not. 2 larger thumb screws, and additional washers/screws/rubber parts.

I am guessing the rubber parts go into the ends of the keyboard support as an upper support there.

When I try to put the long metal piece on the phone/keyboard holder piece you've shown in your pictures, it doesn't line up well b/c of the rubber pieces on both the top of the phone/keyboard holder and the one on the keyboard support.

Are you able to post a picture of this setup for me please?

I appreciate the help!

Re: UCM Keyboard/Phone/Drink Holder Installation?

Posted: Sun May 17, 2020 8:22
by Mazer327
I have added a picture for a little more clarity of the parts I'm referring to.

Rubber parts at the top of both the metallic pieces.

Also I have 2 pieces on the bottom of the picture that look like clips of some sort. Does that get used here?

Thanks again! I appreciate the assistance!

Sorry the picture isn't better...but I think it gets the point across well enough.

VKB Parts.jpg

Re: UCM Keyboard/Phone/Drink Holder Installation?

Posted: Sun May 17, 2020 8:47
by fallout9
You install it like this, with both patches of rubber facing each other (final form in second picture):



Attach the keyboard stabilizer to the upper holes of keyboard/phone holder, then attach the lower holes of the holder to the bracket as shown earlier.

Those 2 metal parts you're showing in the picture are not related to this; they're spacers and are supposed to come on the narrower brackets (if needed), like this: