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Two DX buttons with the same press

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 13:11
by VirusAM
Good morning, i am a new user of the VKB Gunfighter III, and i am having some difficulties with the software.
Before i had the thrustmaster warthog, and with TARGET software i was able to use with a single keypress two dx buttons (combining chain and tempo). In practice using the pinkie switch a short press was dx3 while a long one was both dx3 and dx20.
It was useful in dcs for example in the hornet as in this way i was able to have with this button both a modifier (for doubling functions) and the proper keypress as in the real jet. The important thing as that both dx keypresses were set up as "HOLD" so while i was pressing the buttons both were pressed.
Now i read the manual (not very clear for me) but i managed to find how to use the tempo function for a similar setup. And i managed but the problem is that using the tempo2 option when i do a short press i have only a short pulse of the first button (dx7 which is the MCG pro pinkie equivalent) and with a long press i have the hold of the other dx button (i used dx29) which i use as a modifier in DCS World. The problem is that with some aircrafts (The dcs Hornet and DCS harrier are the main ones for this use case) i need the first button press (dx7) to also be an hold (that is because trying to match the physical control with the real aircrafts i mapped that button as NWS steering, which for the Hornet and the Harrier needs to be hold and not pulse. And i need also another dx to map as modifier because i need also shifted functions).


I will try to explain better. I need that a short press is only dx7 and a long press is both dx7 and dx29. Is there a way to do this in VKB software?
In Thrustmaster TARGET is possible and it is very easy to do (both gui and scripting), so i think it will be possible also in the very powerful (but difficult to understand for me) VKB device config software.
I attach a screenshot of the actual configuration for that button.


Thanks in advance to everyone.

Re: Two DX buttons with the same press

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:54
by fallout9
If you managed to get through the Target software you won't have any issues with VKBDeVCfg :). So in order to achieve that do as follows:
- click on the button you want to use in Profile/Buttons/Physical layer.
- in the new opened window set that button as Tempo (red1 in the picture).
- set the tempo as Tempo2 (red2) and define the second input wherever you want on the button map (in an unoccupied position, let's say 55) .
- press on the second button box (red3), unmark the AutoMapping box, mark the Use 2 buttons box and set the number of the button 55 from above.
- hit the Set button to save changes.

Re: Two DX buttons with the same press

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 17:31
by VirusAM
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


It was so simple...i simply overlooked it.

Yes on target i was (am - still use the throttle and MFDs) quite proficient, and i liked the C like scripting language.
Thanks again