Gladiator upgrade kit connectors

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Gladiator upgrade kit connectors

Postby Ploatman » Wed Apr 24, 2019 0:36

Hello, I have a Gladiator MKII and would like to get the Kosmosima grip on it, but since the adapter/upgrade kit isn't available and very limited even when available, I was thinking of making my own adapter.

I have machining equipment and a background in manufacturing/fabricating/machining and all around "making-stuff" experience, but I don't typically deal with a lot of electronics. So, the rest I can figure out on my own, but it would be helpful if someone could help me identify what kind of connectors I would need.

I already have the Kosmosima grip ordered, and have 2 Gladiator MKIIs. So I'll do this one way or another. If anyone is interested I could write up a simple tutorial and maybe it would help others like myself.



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Re: Gladiator upgrade kit connectors

Postby AeroGator » Mon May 20, 2019 11:10

Ploatman wrote:adapter/upgrade kit isn't available and very limited even when available

Connectors are made to order, adapters will come within visible future; they have already been produced, and are now being tested. If tests show nothing wrong, the adapters will hit the market soon.
As usually, I'm not announcing the dates, but pretty soon.
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