Is it possible to connect 2 BlackBoxes?

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Is it possible to connect 2 BlackBoxes?

Postby kaschberle » Wed Apr 25, 2018 22:35

Since I expect to receive my long awaited Gunfighter+MCG Pro soon, I should be one step closer to solve the toebrake-problem of my T-Rudders. However, there is a problem, that being that the BlackBox/NJoy32 controller can only act as one HID joystick and thus is limited to 8 axis (although it is able to read in more, they are only available for Axes2Buttons functionality of trigger and brake lever, maybe for A2B in future), which is just not enough to include seperate brake axis for both toebrakes (needed for certain games, e.g. DCS).

The problem can be solved with software solutions (JoystickGremlin and the like), but I would honestly prefer it to be done by the BlackBox. Upon closer inspection of the (english only) VKBDefCfg manual and other materiel, I stumbled upon the Ext checkbox in the physical axis configuration screen (which the manual specifies purpose to be handover to external device, however (english) documentation is lacking here).
Question thus is: Is it possible to connect a BlackBox to another Blackbox using one of the two unused USARTs (one of the acting as external device for second one) and handover some of the axis to the second one?

Would be thankful for any help.....great thing about VKB is the possibilities with products nand I just cant leave them untouched

Regards, kaschberle
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Re: Is it possible to connect 2 BlackBoxes?

Postby Victorus » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:29

Quick answer - yes.)))
I have connected Njoy32 with BlackBox and use this sweet pair for a long time. I trim Gunfighter roll and pitch axes using encoders configured as axes on selfmade throttle.
More detailed info will be later.
Here you can find some theory of bus cooking (in Russian yet).

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Re: Is it possible to connect 2 BlackBoxes?

Postby Ron61 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 13:24

As an example, here is my configuration. A separate Njoy32 controller (2-storey) with an expansion board has 5 axes and 6 button registers.
They are associated with the BlackBox Gunfighter + MCG Pro by BUS. The first 4 buttons are MCG, the next are Njoy32.

Having a limitation on the number of axes, you have to adjust the profile for each aircraft in DCS. For example, the P-51 does not have a brake lever (on the axle), but has separate brakes on the pedals. Also, he does not have any joysticks to move the aiming mark (type Su-25T).
For the Su-25, only 2 axes (1 and 3) are used with Njoy32.
Njoy Throttle+Rudder.png

For the Su-25, the brake lever on the MCG (8 axes) is not used .
MCG without axis Brake.png

Therefore, it is necessary to combine with the axes for each aircraft (8 maximum + 1 virtual on the MCG trigger).
Perhaps in the future this will change, but for the time being we are living pretty well with what we have :) .

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Re: Is it possible to connect 2 BlackBoxes?

Postby kaschberle » Thu Apr 26, 2018 18:10

Thank you for the answers!

The thread linked is espicially helpful, as I can read it with translation program just fine, but would have probably never found it myself as search engine does not work with translation programm......

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