VKBDevCfg Custom Toe Brake Help Needed

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VKBDevCfg Custom Toe Brake Help Needed

Postby JLX » Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:17

I'm just received my GF Mk.2 + MCG Pro and have my T-Rudder Mk.4 plugged into the same Blackbox.

I have setup two virtual axis - Slider 1 (Left) and Slider 2 (Right) - for the virtual toe brakes.


The basic idea is that with the pedals centered, each slider get's the same value as the brake lever. If the pedals are offset to the left or right, the brakes on the opposite side are eased by the percentage that the pedals are deflected from center:


The effect I'm looking for is the same as what I proposed for the "balance" control in a single lever throttle in this post. Also, FWIW, I have already seen this post but did not find it applicable.

The problem I'm having is that using BrakeV as the combine setting for the sliders either leaves the brake value a full or sets it to zero (as shown in the test screehshot), there is not "combining" of the values as I described.

Other combine methods (such as combi2) come close but also add the value to the opposite slider which is not what I want. In that case, brakes get applied even when the brake lever is a zero - they just get amplified with increasing brake lever values. This means that I cannot use rudder without differential brakes also being applied. Crosswind landings using lots of rudder is tricky enough without having JUST ONE of your wheel brakes ALREADY ON when you touch down.

I hope this post is clear as it's a little tricky to describe. Let me know if I need to clarify anything.

Both the profile (.cfg) and device report (.fp3) are attached (.zip) and I would appreciate any help getting this set up properly.

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