How to assign a button to the MCG brake lever

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Re: How to assign a button to the MCG brake lever

Postby AeroGator » Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:43

david_wi wrote:What I do with important posts is copy them and make a Word file kept in the same folder where the VKBDevCfg-C and Wizzo files are placed.
Give it a name like How to... and keep it for future needs

David we're collecting the knowledge base like this, too. But I've no illusion: no one is going to read it; why bother reading if it is faster and easier to start a new topic and ask. We're seriously considering creating such an extended HowTo and WhatTheFu^k thing and simply ignoring any questions that had been answered there.
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Re: How to assign a button to the MCG brake lever

Postby david_wi » Mon Jan 15, 2018 16:53

You are absolutely right and I just added my private Word files(DOCX)

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Re: How to assign a button to the MCG brake lever

Postby Snacko » Wed Jun 06, 2018 0:17

RecklessPrudence wrote:A much easier way of doing this is to use the 'AxesToButton' functionality. Go to axis 8, set it to Edges1, Zone 1, set it to a percentage point that you're comfortable with (ie 25% will press the button when you've pulled the brake lever three-quarters of the way, 0% will press the button only when the lever is pulled completely to the end of its travel), and set it to an unused button. Remember to click the checkbox in the top left to enable the AxesToButton content you customised. Et voila! You have a button! If you are really set on not using the analogue axis of the brake, you can go to the Logical Axes tab and hide the axis. Don't disable it, that will stop your button from working - just hide it from the HID. Tada! You now have a button that activates when you pull the brake, and no analogue axis to confuse your game.

The bonus of this is that you can leave the stick on MCG mode, rather than setting it to Generic as shown up there.

Thanks, that first post didn't work at all. Too bad the OP never posted again to help us make it work..

But your solution worked fine. I'm glad you were here to help!! Thanks!!

I also tried this method to make the POV Hat 4 buttons. It is currently Axis 5 & 6. (I thought it should be 6 & 7 logically, and that threw me for a while..). So, I made the A2B axis 5 & 6 Edges2 with 2 zones and it works! Thanks again!!! :mrgreen:

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Re: How to assign a button to the MCG brake lever

Postby dburne » Mon Sep 03, 2018 22:34

Thank you so much, this worked a treat and very easy to do!!
I came to the forums to see if I could find out how to add a button to my brake lever, and found this post and thread.
Worked great! Plus I can still leave it as axis also for the sims I need it for.

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