DIY Connections

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DIY Connections

Postby Monroe07 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:14


I would like some technical info that most consumers probably wouldn't ever need to know, but that I would like to know.

I purchased the T-Rudder Pedals Mk.IV a couple of weeks ago and I Absolutely Love them, but I have some hardware related questions. I've gathered some info from disassembly (I've always been the type that likes to know whats inside) and I would like to know from those within the engineering side of VKB if I am correct and if so, what do I have incorrect. Additionally, I would like some details about the "guts" of the product so that I can customize controls to my liking. Before I continue, I understand that the info I am about to ask for is beyond the scope that most consumers would ask for. I was directed by the customer service rep to post here because they had to technical knowledge on the product and the engineers "lurk" here.

To start off, Take a look at some of the pictures I have posted, as I will be referencing them.

Sensor Board
MaRS Sensor Board.JPG

-After inspecting the Sensor Board (See MaRS Sensor Board.JPG, Sorry I don't have a picture of the backside that has the connectors) I have been able to identify the sensor as a KMZ41 Magnetic Field Sensor(on the right). What is the other IC? Its similar in size and has the same number of pins.
-The Pedal Sensor Board has ports labeled LB and RB and is not connected. Is it possible to connect brake inputs of my own to them? If so, what kind of input are the expecting and if I hook up sensors to them, will they be recognized out-of-box?

"Black Box

-On to the "Black Box"(BlackBox.JPG, Sorry I don't have a picture of the other side that has the connectors themselves), if I wanted to replicate a joystick/button set that is on most of the grips, what input is the board expecting? There is a 5 pin and a 4 pin connector on the outside (that plug into X7 and X12 on the board) and multiple sets of pins that appear to be ready for connectors (X2, X1, X5 etc). What signals are they expecting? can the other connections on the board that does not currently have connectors soldered to them be used?

In closing, I would appreciate any info you can provide me, thanks!

VKBsim Black Box GF.JPG

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Re: DIY Connections

Postby Ron61 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 15:51

Look at here.

p.s.IC - is a very secret chip, access is denied. Excuse me :) .
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