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How to Install a Profile

Posted: Thu May 11, 2017 9:23
by rrohde
Download the desired grip profile from here:

1. Extract the .zip file for your profile
2. From within the VKBdevCfg software, click on the VKBsim device name to activate it
3. From the Action tab, click on “Load” and point the software to the Profile you've extracted earlier
4. From the Action tab, click on “Set”; the new profile will be activated and the VKBdevCfg software restarts your device
5. Next – Calibration (see below)

1. From within VKBdevCfg, click on the VKBsim device to activate it
2. Click the ‘Start Calibr’ button, and then move your joystick's axes to all extents: full left, full right, full forward, full back. For VKB Rudders, depress the left pedal fully, and then the right pedal; for VKB Gladiators, include the throttle axis.
3. Click the ‘End Calibr’ button.
4. Done!