How to troubleshoot Grip Buttons not Working

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How to troubleshoot Grip Buttons not Working

Postby rrohde » Thu May 11, 2017 9:20

Question: My grip buttons don’t seem to work:
Answer: Reboot your PC; if the issue still persists, continue below.
- If your grip’s buttons don’t seem to work (either KG12 or TM Warthog), you might want to have a look at that little orange box called BlackBox - does the Stick LED flash red? If so, that would indicate that the grip is not fully seated on the Gunfighter base and there is no communication between the base and the grip. Please check that. If needed, re-seat the grip with a little more force; there shouldn't be a gap between the grip and the base for the connection to work right.
- If there is no flashing red LED, but your TM Warthog grip’s buttons don’t seem to work, you have to check the VKB grip adapter inside the TM Warthog grip again: did you connect the adapter to the TM Warthog’s PCB board? Did you by chance pinch or break any wires when putting the grip halves back together initially? If the latter is the case, this might require a replacement adapter.
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