How to Calibrate VKB Devices

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How to Calibrate VKB Devices

Postby rrohde » Thu May 11, 2017 9:17

Run VKBdevCfg (it is recommended to "Run as administrator")


1. From within VKBdevCfg, click on the VKBsim device name to activate it
2. Click the ‘Start Calibr’ button, and then move your joystick's grip to all extents: full left, full right, full forward, full back. For VKB Rudders, depress the left and the right rudder pedal fully; for VKB Gladiators, include the throttle axis.
3. Click the ‘End Calibr’ button.
4. Done!
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Re: How to Calibrate VKB Devices

Postby kaschberle » Wed May 16, 2018 22:51

Just a quick question: In case automatic calibration doesnt work properly and you do it manually, what does the MPL value actually do in detail? It seems to be used as a multiplier during normalization, thus I am interested whether there are any drawbacks associated in changing it (particualarly increasing it, as this is what I have to do)

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Re: How to Calibrate VKB Devices

Postby Victorus » Thu May 17, 2018 11:48

MPL really is a multiplier during normalization. "MPL Multiplier. Binary multiplier for sensor response normalization.
Value range is 15...+15. Default value for D_MaRS is 9, for analog
sensors— 8." From here
The following actions I do to calibrate an axis manually.
Set MPL to default value.
Set KdHi and KdLo to 100...130. So when I move grip its response is less then extreme values.
Change BIAS to find centerpoint of axis response 32767 or near)))
Sequentially change KdHi and KdLo to reach extreme values of response, 0 and 65535.
In rare cases change MPL, if needed KdHi and KdLo become too small or too high. They must be roughly about 100. 90...170.

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Re: How to Calibrate VKB Devices

Postby Spyboy » Tue Jan 15, 2019 22:53

Does VKBdevCfg software replace Wizzo, I have got a new Gladiator Mk2.

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Re: How to Calibrate VKB Devices

Postby Drano » Wed Jan 16, 2019 19:19

Think of Wizzo as VKBDevconfig "Lite". You can do some silly things like calibrate and set dead bands with it but for actually programming the stick you need to use VKBDevconfig.

Whatever you do under no circumstances should you use windows to even try to calibrate!
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