How to install Warthog Adapter on Vintage Mamba

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How to install Warthog Adapter on Vintage Mamba

Postby UIV » Mon May 09, 2016 11:05

Part 1: Prepare Warthog Grip

Step 1:
Remove the O shape ring and the axis shaft; remove the Pinky key paddle.

Step 2:
Save well each spare parts and screw which was removed. All should be re-assembled in the same way when return back.

Step 3:
Remove the head cover by unscrewing the following four screws. Unscrew these five screws on the body of grip

Step 4:
Disassemble the grip carefully. Be noted not to destroy the connector and screw which is for fixing original adaptor.

Step 5:
Take out the original adaptor by removing the screw for original adaptor; disconnecting the connector and nylon ties

Step 6:
Grip after disassembling

Step 7:
Prepare VKB adaptor, be noted that the direction of hole on adaptor towards to the direction of the trigger.

Step 8:
Connecting cable with connector; fix the adaptor by the original screw with suitable force

Step 9:
Cover the whole grip. Be attention not to press on any cable.

Part 2: Install Grip onto Base

Please watch this video on how to install your grip onto the base for either the Mamba grip or a Warthog grip with adapter installed.

Untight 4 screws and remove bottom pad of Mamba joystick. Disconnect connector with 5pin's wire.

Connect this connector to another 5pin connector, which is located on the opposite PCB. Put wire in the gap between two toggle switches's soldering position.
Be attention that wire shouldn't make any disturb from gimbal movement!


Assemble the bottom pad.

Part 3: Load Profile to Mamba's Controller to Support Warthog Grip

VKB configuration tool "VKBDevCfg-C" ...
Firmware and configurations

Step 1:
Run VKBDevCfg-C.exe

Step 2:
Click on "VKBsim Vintage Mamba" joystick.
Press 'Load" button.

Step 3:
Open "VM_W_v1_79_3.cfg"
It contains configuration file of Warthog grip.

Step 4:
Press "SET" button
Joystick will restart automatically with "Warthog grip" configuration.

Step 5:
Close VKBDevCfg-C

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