VKB GNX-THQ - Throttle Quadrant for Gladiator NXT anyone?

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VKB GNX-THQ - Throttle Quadrant for Gladiator NXT anyone?

Postby AeroGator » Sun Sep 13, 2020 12:19

By far the most colorful device from VKB is going into production.


Not just colorful Vacheron Constantin-style but also so adjustable it may fit almost any hand like a snug glove.
Please meet THQ.

Throttle Quadrant extension module, a stalwart member of GNX clan.

    - adjustable length/height of all levers.
    - 5 interchangeable lever heads of different colors and shape, for blind/tactile recognition in the dark or VR: for gas, pitch, mixture, plus two heads for radiators.
    - VKB trademark dry clutch on all axes to adjust load from "breathe, and it moves" to "armwrestling".

There are also 8 buttons on THQ. Same kind of buttons you can see on SEM. Two of them protected by safety covers. Depressions by every button mean there are stickers coming for easy and convenient mapping.
Number of axes: 3.

As THQ is a modular device, pilots can build it into any configuration with any number of axes (up to 4 THQs), in case some prefer multi-engine planes.

Needless to mention, THQ is fully capable of being a standalone usb device that can be used as an addition to any gaming ecosystem of any brand.

And of course, of course, it is made to shine as a part of a GNX setup.

Bill Gates once wisely said that 640Kb of RAM will forever be all one could want. Well, he was "alternatively correct".
He was once again alternatively correct when he only assigned 8 axes to a Direct-X joystick.

A challenge here is that GNX (5 axes) coupled with THQ (3 axes) already sum in 8 axes. But what if you want more THQs? Windows will not recognize the second THQ.

VKB offers 2 solutions.

    1 - Install an additional usb controller in the 2nd THQ. Then Windows will see it as a yet another device. This is a pretty mainstream solution used by many.
    2 - Get a newly developed Njoy 32NG firmware, a seriously advanced version of famous Njoy 32. We've been working on it for a couple of years.

This firmware sports virtual controllers, that would allow... you want 20? - OK, 20 axes. A device running new firmware can still be connected to the computer with a single usb cable, but will be seen by Windows as 3 joysticks: 2x8 axes, plus 1x4.

Hi Bill Gates, slept well last night?

VKB will offer free... (pause here, drums roll) - free upgrades from Njoy 32 to Njoy 32NG.

NOTE: New fw is now in beta status, brave souls can download it from our developer's site. (only experienced users are advised to take these risks before official release: there is no step by step guidance nor rescue service; ask me for the download link via PM - not live chat).


Summarizing it all:

    - original and innovative,
    - ergonomically designed,
    - stackable (up to 4),
    - capable of working in a system, or independently (with a detachable rear support),
    - compact and sturdy.
RRP around 60-70 bucks before local tax.

You're still here, Mr Gates? We can set one aside for you.
Best Regards,

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Re: VKB GNX-THQ - Throttle Quadrant for Gladiator NXT anyone?

Postby Escapetaxi » Mon Sep 14, 2020 13:57

Throttle Head and Lever are changable? That's a nice Feature!

...because I would like to have the Throttle more handy and closer together. So, you can easily flip the Throttle with Fingers - like on the Gladiator MK. II.

Also I am very interested in the Changes in NG ( Next Generation ) Firmware. I guess, it is not only Layout Change. What will be the advantages?
Better processing? Higher Polling Rate than 250hz? More Features?

...but that new NG Mainboard comes for free? That's really nice, VKB! :)

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Re: VKB GNX-THQ - Throttle Quadrant for Gladiator NXT anyone?

Postby Feoras » Sat Sep 26, 2020 12:48

Great job VKB! I was waiting for this - and now I hope I can buy this soon :)

One question:
What sensors are used for the throttles axis? I was hoping that you use hall sensors for the longevity as you do in all your awesome sticks. However, in this price range, this seems very unlikely?

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Re: VKB GNX-THQ - Throttle Quadrant for Gladiator NXT anyone?

Postby Ron61 » Sat Sep 26, 2020 17:08

Installed potentiometers with 500,000 resource.

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Re: VKB GNX-THQ - Throttle Quadrant for Gladiator NXT anyone?

Postby TaipanDan » Sat Sep 26, 2020 22:45

Will this release same time as TECS throttle?

Or it will come first?
wondering if I should get this as a temporary throttle while waiting for TECS

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Re: VKB GNX-THQ - Throttle Quadrant for Gladiator NXT anyone?

Postby fallout9 » Sun Sep 27, 2020 1:07

It will come before the TECS, but no official release date yet.

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Re: VKB GNX-THQ - Throttle Quadrant for Gladiator NXT anyone?

Postby philip.manhart » Sun Sep 27, 2020 15:04

Looking forward to these, hope there's enough to go around!

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Re: VKB GNX-THQ - Throttle Quadrant for Gladiator NXT anyone?

Postby CageyMoose » Sun Sep 27, 2020 22:40

Very much looking forward to this release! This whole modular design philosophy VKB-Sim has moved towards is a fantastic idea. I really hope it's a successful venture.

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