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Gladiator non-PRO is now compatible with MCG/MCGPRO

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 13:51
by AeroGator
We had announced (and reiterated) that the new Modern Combat Grips are only compatible with the PRO version of the Gladiator joystick.
Moreover, Gladiator itself, a robust and versatile budget device, is going to be discontinued.
We leaked some of our plans to launch a new line of budget joysticks...

HOWEVER, we keep receiving letters from Gladiator owners who are asking for ways to fit the MCG on the Gladiator base.

Here is a tiny device that would help Gladiator non-PRO owners to use their base with the newest grips.
The shaft itself, a connecting cable, two pre-installed bearings, and a lock bar.
It will take minutes to replace a plastic shaft with this metal one, reconnect the cable, and voila, you can continue using your Gladiator with a new grip.

WARNING: Please see the picture. MCG is taller than KG12, and if you opt to use it with a twist adapter, it will be yet even taller.
This might change the ergonomics of the joystick considerably, so please bear it in mind.

This is a one time offer; we will once produce a limited number of adapters, and that will be it.
How many will be made depends on how many people contact our dealers.
There will be no pre-orders, rather sort of 'wish list'.
These upgrade kits will be available around mid-April, and will retail for US$ 21 (unshipped).