An early look at the MCG Pro

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Re: An early look at the MCG Pro

Postby Hackl » Tue Oct 03, 2017 20:11

Still looking for clarification on this.

I put an order in on Sept 30 to ensure my purchase. If it did not take i need to know. I am not really keen on going to the back of the line even tho I was vigilant in my ordering only to lose out by a website glitch.

Come on guys??? :o

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Re: An early look at the MCG Pro

Postby rtrski » Fri Oct 06, 2017 14:36

Hackl wrote:
petrvs wrote:I'm trying to preorder on usa website but I get bad getaway please help

I ordered and got the same circumstance. Bad Gateway but received a confirmation E-mail for Nov 1.

So did our orders take or must we re-order.

Can moderators confirm either way please.

I don't think they can. rrohde might reply if he sees this (or PM you somehow, but how can he associate your user name with an order?).

Remember the VKB-SIM official site is the Russian one while the vkbcontroller site is the US sales portal. I've seen others post (reddit/r/hotas) that they've replied to their pre-order confirmation email which goes back to the NA purchasing website to ask for confirmation. Suggest you try that if you're concerned. (Not trying to dig at you...I confess I've been considering doing the same, but so far holding off a little hoping to see someone else post, so as not to bug them too much. So far I've only seen comments that the bad gateway was mostly resulting in EXCESS orders because people weren't being returned to the webpage after it went thru, not any that got incorrect confirmations but don't really have an order. See the latest news on the NA site....)
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Re: An early look at the MCG Pro

Postby Hackl » Fri Oct 06, 2017 16:45

I did Email Mr. Rhode and got it resolved very easily. I gave him my confirmation number from the confirmation Email I receive during my pre-ordering process. He was able to confirm my order was placed and then associate it with my user account as you mentioned :) Waiting patiently now. Good times ahead 8)

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