VKB GNX-SEM a Sniff of a Whiff

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VKB GNX-SEM a Sniff of a Whiff

Postby AeroGator » Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:29

A stealthy peek into the kitchen: GNX-SEM is in the oven. Baking takes time but tempting whiff ia all around. Let's see what's cooking.


VKB Gladiator NXT Side Extension Module aka GNX SEM can be connected to the main GNX unit on either side (or not connected at all – more below).

Getting it to work in a block with the GNX will add 24 buttons to the existing array, or 17 buttons, and 2 axes.
There will also be a version with an integrated USB controller: this will allow it to act as an independent standalone "joystick".

Needless to say that SEM itself can serve a hub to which other extension modules can be connected the same way it can be connected to the GNX. (when SEM is used as a hub we recommend attaching a rear support for extra stability).

OK, now let's actually see the thing in more detail.
Immediately catching the eye are two odd shaped K-switches.In fact those are 3-button switches with an articulated central button. VR pilots will appreciate this tactile solution (as well as intelligent design of the whole module with every control easily identifiable by the touch).
K-switches can be used as 3 regular buttons but wouldn't it be a bit of a waste. Much better would be a virtual axis setup: depressing the ends would in-/decrease the value, while the central button would return everything back to default/zero.

We use extra silent long travel buttons paired with two-color programmable LEDs (open API to control the LEDs will be supplied).
By default, the LEDs will just shed enough light to illuminate the buttons during night missions.
The second color comes in when/if the button is used as an on/off switch. Our testers reported this was actually better than standard flip switches because rather than zeroing all switches manually now you have an option of zeroing them all in one click of a single button. Of course you may teach the game to do it automatically using API.

Next… a 4-position rotary. A real gift for piston aviation fans. Others can use the rotaries as mode selectors.

A cover-protected button obviously should be assigned for some emergency action, as you don't want to press it accidentally. The cover is spring loaded: as soon as the finger is off the button, the cover is back in place.


Well. Now, the problem.
So many buttons… How to remember their mapping? – there are small depressions by every control. In the retail kit you will also find stickers matching those depressions. You now know what to do.

One thing is left, and this is a multifunctional axis control. But here comes the chef, and I'm chased out of the kitchen. May there be some intrigue for the time being.

OK, it all boils down to:
- Multifunctional
- Modular
- Universal
- Ergonomic
- Compact

Something that might have gone unnoticed although I did hint at it: with its ability to be a standalone device, the SEM can be put to work with any gaming device regardless the brand.


Now, the final touch. Or, the final touche? – RRP.
We are thinking of 50-60 bucks. I bet we deserve some tips, huhh?
Best Regards,

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Re: VKB GNX-SEM a Sniff of a Whiff

Postby Phorx » Thu Sep 10, 2020 1:37

Would the multifunctional axes work well as a throttle? I’m curious about how fine the control is.

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Re: VKB GNX-SEM a Sniff of a Whiff

Postby fallout9 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:07

It's an analog axis, so it could definitely work as a throttle if you want. Similar with the one on the Gladiator MKII base, or the T16K, but better quality.

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Re: VKB GNX-SEM a Sniff of a Whiff

Postby zikolach » Thu Sep 10, 2020 23:51

It looks so tasty that the only question is - when? 8)

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Re: VKB GNX-SEM a Sniff of a Whiff

Postby Escapetaxi » Mon Sep 14, 2020 13:54

I hope it is a seperate Throttle - not single?

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Re: VKB GNX-SEM a Sniff of a Whiff

Postby Killa » Fri Oct 09, 2020 19:01

I want one of these. Any news about them?

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Re: VKB GNX-SEM a Sniff of a Whiff

Postby Kaarno » Mon Oct 19, 2020 4:15

would this be workable with (not connected to it of course) the gunfighter mk3 as an option for providing ancillary controls to things like landing gear, mining lasers, VTOL thruster engagement etc?

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Re: VKB GNX-SEM a Sniff of a Whiff

Postby fallout9 » Mon Oct 19, 2020 4:20

Definitely - the SEM would act an independent device with its own axes and buttons.

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