LED on event "Fix Axis"

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LED on event "Fix Axis"

Postby SlowJoe » Tue Jan 24, 2023 18:36

Hey guys,

i have troubles setting up a led event for "Fix Axis".

I have a button set up as alternate "Double Rate axis" with the FA type "DR".
In the "Common" tab i did set DR to 1:3. The checkbox "FA", you are referencing in your tutorial video, is missing in my version of VKBDev apparently. It works fine regardless.

Now im trying to have an indicator showing me DR-mode is active like in line 7, but i seem to made some mistake here as its not working. :?

When i set "Zero Event" instead of "Fix Axis" leds are working as intended. I tried setting "OP1" to corresponding button id (#5) but that didn't help either. I did take look at the manual and found no further instructions on how to use "OP1".

I guess i'm just missing something here, help, pretty please? :)

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Re: LED on event "Fix Axis"

Postby Victorus » Wed Jan 25, 2023 10:28

Try to use up-to date fw&sw. http://alex-oz.strana.de/
It works. Use Fix Axis event #4 - Double Rate.
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Re: LED on event "Fix Axis"

Postby SlowJoe » Wed Jan 25, 2023 14:48

Thank you very much, setting event to #4 fixed it. 8)

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