MCGU: VKB Device Config after swapping hats

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MCGU: VKB Device Config after swapping hats

Postby StrayTexel » Mon Nov 28, 2022 4:47

VKB MCGU Firmware: v2.122
VKB device config version: v0.92.54
Problem: VKB Device Config seems to be unaware of my swapped hats.

  • I have a MCGU and I swapped the top analog hat with a digital one.
  • My left hat it still analog, and I wanted to map it to be a POV w/ "button alt" behavior.
  • If I run VKB device config and force Defaults, here's what I observe:
    a. I have 2 extra analog axes, "Rot X" and "Rot Y".
    b. The default uSSw POV1 is set to button 34. I have no idea what 34 is in this config (all of my buttons register as something valid). Pressing my analog hat (left) registers as 33. Nothing seems to activate POV1.
    c. POV default axes are 3 and 4 (left stick is 5 and 6).
    d. If I instead map uSSw POV to 33, and move POV to axes 5 and 6, I can get this to work as I intended.

I think what might be going on here is that VKB Device Config actually is not intended to automatically detect the hat change. If that's true, then may I suggest please update this video, even with a text description?


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