Omni Throttle users, how to use it for both 6dof games and air-plane simulation

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Omni Throttle users, how to use it for both 6dof games and air-plane simulation

Postby Gargouille » Sun May 29, 2022 20:29

Following a topic initiated by mattcaron,
I decided to make my own tutorial to switch the Y axis from absolute to relative.
kudos to fallout9 for showing us the way and mattcaron who get the idea first 8)

the original topic explain how to swap from absolute to relative on the mini-stick, and needs some basic understanding of the software to apply it on an other axis
this topic is more straightforward, it's working directly for the Y axis and you can apply it without any modifications

I also found a way to make the main led to switch color depending on the mode used :D

Please forgive me if I'm explaining myself weirdly, but English is not my main language :lol:

If you're an omni throttle user and play 6dof/space games, you probably use your gladiator unmodified with the springs to keep the neutral feedback
If you're an omni throttle user and play warbirds/jet simulation, you probably use your gladiator without springs in order to use it like a regular throttle (you don't have to hold it constantly to maintain it's position)

But what can we do if we play all of them ?
Well, we can use the Y as an absolute axis for 6dof games and as a relative axis for air-plane simulation...

If you don't see what I'm talking about:
- absolute is the regular way all the flight stick are working
- relative mean that when you push your stick, the value of the axis will keep on increasing until you stop pushing (or until you reach the maximum value)
and when you release the stick to center, the axis remain at it's last value
Please note; if you push slightly, the value increase slowly! If you push strongly, the value increase fast...

I've used a Gladiator NXT standard left (old one, not the EVO) with the firmware v2.090 upgraded with the omni throttle adapter
and the VKB Device Config software v0.92.17


Profile>Axes : Make a seventh axis using these settings (RMpl can be tweaked to your likings)

Profile>Buttons : Choose a switch (A1 push in my case) to swap between modes

Set your button as an AUX Axes with these settings (each time you press your selected button, you swap between the second and seventh axis)

Sometimes, it can be useful to reset your relative axis to 0, choose a switch (A3 push in my case) to reset your axes

Set your button as a Rel Axes with the reset functions on the seventh axis (each time you press your selected button, you set the relative Y axis to 0)

Global>External : Finally, we add a LED event to make the color switch (please note the OP1 number must match the button you choose on step 2!)

One more thing; the second axis (Y as absolute) and the seventh axis (Y as relative) are complete different stuff from your computer perspective! :roll:
Inside a game, you must be in the desired mode to bind your controls. Because Y as relative and Y as absolute have different names, they are different bindings.

I've seen that as a small drawback first, but it the end, it gives us an opportunity on some games...
Let me explain, for example in Elite Dangerous, I've bind the seventh axis (relative) for the main throttle AND the second axis (absolute) for the forward/backward thrust!
Depending on the situations (super cruise/dogfight/docking), I switch mode all the time and I find this configuration very satisfying :D

Thanks again to mattcaron and fallout9 :wink:
4-led color switch.jpg
3b-axes reset.jpg
3a-axes reset.jpg
2b-axes switch.jpg
2a-axes switch.jpg

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