Difference in Device Name/ID and Consequences

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Difference in Device Name/ID and Consequences

Postby streakeagle » Sat Apr 20, 2019 3:27

In the game controller list, my stick's name/ID appeared as: "VKBsim Gunfighter Modern Combat PRO"
But in the Device Manager it was displayed as: "VKB-Sim Gunfighter Modern Combat Pro"

The differences in these two names "B-S" vs "Bs" caused a problem with the VRS TacPack stick button mapping for Prepar3d V4.4, "device name missing/incorrect".
So I went to the registry and made them both: "VKB-Sim Gunfighter Modern Combat Pro".
This action broke my DCS World stick button maps because it was using the "VKBsim Gunfighter Modern Combat PRO" name from the game controller settings.

So my question is: which name is correct?
Presumably one of them is from when I originally installed the MCG Pro, presumably the game controller list version that was in my old DCS World input configurations.
Was the hyphenated name always there or was it installed with the latest driver? (which occurred when I got the Space Gunfighter grip).
Or were they intentionally different?

So what name is correct for the most recent driver release?
Should I completely uninstall everything releated to the VKB stick/driver, clean up the registry, and reinstall?

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Re: Difference in Device Name/ID and Consequences

Postby AeroGator » Mon May 20, 2019 15:39

1 - Start VKB configurator. Do _not_ use any Windows stock tools.
2 - TOOLS tag -> press MAKE REG FILE
3 - Shut down VKB configurator. Turn off the joystick, unplug USB cable.
4 - In the VKB configurator folder a new .reg file will appear. Launch it. It will purge the registry of everything regarding the joystick.
5 - Reconnect the joystick to USB, enjoy your flights.
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