T Rudder MK IV

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T Rudder MK IV

Postby daveclod » Tue Jun 19, 2018 22:45

Just bought the Trudders and I am using them with DCS World. There is an issue in game where there is a random input to the rudder with no input from me. Typically in flight the plane will suddenly show full left rudder input, and again from no input from me to the TRudder. Today I am testing it and the random input only appears when the TRudders are connected to the computer.
I have cleared all control options in control settings for the rudder except for the VKB TRudders. Unfortunately I do not currently play any other sims to see if the issue is present in another sim.
What are your thoughts on possible causes?

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Re: T Rudder MK IV

Postby Sokol1 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:12

Look in Windows Control Panel (joy.cpl) if this random input happens or in VKB DevCfg software.

This will eliminate - or confirm hardware issues. If are OK could be game assignment issues.

In DCS controls you should clear all entries in T-Rudder column - DCS "auto assignment"* more hinder than help, and after assign only T-Rudder X axes for rudder and if are using T-Link for "differential brakes" emulation for DCS planes that require "toe brakes", assign T-Link virtual axes for Right and Left Wheel brake.

*Look too if "auto assignment" don't assign joystick/throttle axis for rudder.

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