Button as B07 AND LShift (for mouse control)

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Button as B07 AND LShift (for mouse control)

Postby Seawind » Fri Jun 01, 2018 19:35

New and happy owner of the MCG Pro.

But I don't know how to accomplish this:
Make button 07 trigger "button 07" AND keyboard "LShift".

As I use DCS and BOS in VR I use Joystick2mouse to make the left ministick my mouse movement and function control. Clicking the ministick provides left mouse button, and using button 07 (programmed as shift/modifier function in Joy2mouse) and clicking ministick makes a right mouse click. This way I can navigate UI and use clickable cockpits in VR with all hands on stick. Using the same button 07 as modifier and then ministick up/down provides mouse scroll (e.g zoom).

The problem is that if setting button 07 as shift/modifier function in Joy2mouse then I also cant in paralell set it to provide keyboard "LShift" in Joy2mouse - which I need for BOS to get shift/modifier functionality (BOS only supports keyboard modifier).
Intention is therefore to have VKB software make the Joystick send "button 07" + "LShift". Then "button 07" will be useful in Joy2mouse as shift/modifier to make mouse emulation functions and the "LShift" signal can be used in BOS and DCS as their shift/modifier. (I may just need to do the actual configuration by pressing the keyboards true "LShift".)

Anyone have some (easy) way of describing how I make this happen? I have vkbdevcfg, I unfortunately just don't understand enough to know what to do...

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Re: Button as B07 AND LShift (for mouse control)

Postby Victorus » Fri Jun 01, 2018 22:08

As I understood you need:
1st Trigger stage (physical button #6) works as Keyboard Shift (KS) AND joystick buttons modifier (JS). Left stick (LS) controls virtual mouse. Stick click (SC)=LMB, SC+JS=RMB.
1. Disable Joystick 2mouse)) VKBDevCfg can solve almost all problems))) Launch it.
2. Setup LS to control mouse movement

Look at mouse group.
3. Assign KS and JS to B6
Open Profile - Buttons - Physical layer. Check Poll. Press trigger 1st stage highlights cell 6 (if you want 2nd stage, use B7)

Click this cell and see Button mappindg wizard.

Choose Shift, momentary shift1, Track as button (for keystroke use).
Trick. To use Keyboard SHIFT ONLY select KEY_*********, scan code 0.
4. Assign LMB & RMB to stick click (SC).
Close Button mapping wizard (to see polling of SC).
Press SC (I think it is not a good idea to use SC as mouse buttons. It is hard to click without stick movement. You can setup any other button by the same way if you want). But now SC.
Cell 23 highlights.

Press this cell.
5. Setup mouse buttons
See Button mapping wizard.

Check Use SHIFT1 and assign free line for modified #23 (33 in my example). Be sure no other control uses this line.
Select Mice, Button, Left button for #23 and Right Button for #33.
That is all. Press Set to save parameters to controller.
Do not forget to save profile to file (Save button).
Look here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ojzm-lJM4BlPHnGRqSdAdqRsSr2yOsIo for details

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Re: Button as B07 AND LShift (for mouse control)

Postby Seawind » Sat Jun 02, 2018 0:18

Thanks very much for the assistance!

Ok, played around a bit with this and am quite happy with the result of the suggested direct mouse emulation instead!

1) A minor thing, my button 7 on my MCG Pro is the "Pinky-switch/Grip-button" (showing as register 1, line 8 )
2) In order to get the mouse options (group) showing I needed to edit zconfig.ini and under [user] add User=Developer
3) As mouse options I needed to alter some things, i.e. set it to "Relative", use axis 6 & 5 for my MCG Pro, and change rate to 16. Mouse movement is now very natural with this IMO.
4) The left and right (based on shift) mouse clicks works great on clicking the mini-stick!
5) I unfortunately couldn't solve mouse scroll using shift + mouse y-axis (up/down of mini-stick)... That would have been great. But fortunately IL2 BOS supports camera zoom (or rather move) by mapping LShift + Mouse Y, so end result is similar. I thereby only miss scroll functionality in briefings and maybe in DCS cockpit scroll functions (haven't tried mapping that yet). And surfing web pages.

So, despite it seems I couldn't solve the button B07 to function as both "Button 7" and "LShift", the actual mouse emulation worked better for me than when trying the same using Joystick2mouse. So I'm happy!
Maybe actual mouse scroll emulation can be solved at later time in some way?

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