T-Rudder MK-II

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Stephane C
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T-Rudder MK-II

Postby Stephane C » Tue Apr 24, 2018 18:44


Can you tell me which firmware to install in the T-Rudder MK-II and which version of VKBDevCfg to use with please?
I am currently using version of VKBDevCfg with firmware 1.606 Pro in T-Rudder MK-II. I tried the 1.79 firmware but did not work with, nor did the newer versions of VKBDevCfg.

I ask because I just ordered the MCG Pro + Gunfighter MK-II but I think it will work with the versions I currently use.

Thank you in advance

Best regards.

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Re: T-Rudder MK-II

Postby Sokol1 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:27

Last firmware for T-Rudder TinyBox - controller for Mk.i/II, is v1.79.0 (15-jun-2016):

http://ftp.vkb-sim.pro/Firmware/TinyBox ... 1_79_0.zip

Last 'non beta' version of DevCfg is v0.83.9.6 (12-Jan-2018):

http://ftp.vkb-sim.pro/Programms/VKBDev ... 83_9_6.zip

Last ZBootloader-C is v1.11 (28-Feb-2018) - used for flash firmware together with DevCfg.

http://ftp.vkb-sim.pro/Programms/ZBootl ... 0v1_11.zip

Don't know if is possible use T-Rudder Mk.II plugged direct in Gunfighter "Black Box" controller (without use T-link), let's they confirm this first before try.

Stephane C
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Re: T-Rudder MK-II

Postby Stephane C » Thu Apr 26, 2018 19:23

Thank you Sokol,

I could update the firmware in 1.79, but I can not use the latest version of VKBdevCfg, just 0.75.61, if I use the latest version I have an error message "abnormal program termination" . Is there another way to run the latest version of VKBDevcfg please?

Thank you

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