Gunfighter rev. A to rev B how to?

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Gunfighter rev. A to rev B how to?

Postby FoxDelta » Sat Apr 07, 2018 20:53

is it possible to alter the GF revA to revB/ MK1 to MK2
how complicated will that be,
they are made of the same components, aren t they?
just connectors are switched upside down as i understood.

so can i change these myself?

if not, can i buy these upside down connectors from VKB to modify my GF MK1 to the new version????

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Re: Gunfighter rev. A to rev B how to?

Postby rtrski » Mon Apr 09, 2018 14:37

I am not VKB, just an owner like you, so I probably should let them answer. But from the pictures I've seen there is more than just the upside down electrical contact difference in the joystick shaft between the Mk I and Mk II. (All Mk II's are B, but I think they changed other parts too.)

Mk I dry clutch tension had a bottom adjustment method; in a quick search I can only find pics here (see pics 2 and 3 in the announcement in particular): ... unfighter/

Mk II dry clutch tension adjusts from the top only, as tightening/loosening the allen makes the square 'nut' ride up and down and alter the spring tension, seen in the image on the quick operations guide from the US site here: ... -Guide.pdf

I didn't realize it previously (I have the Mk II, B, from the US December 2017 allocation pre-ordered in Sept/Oct timeframe), but in that early picture it looks like the dry clutch is metal too (copper or brass? In the new ones it sure looks like Teflon or UHMW plastic. Maybe the first pictures I linked were pre-production, so maybe not.

Anyway, it looks to me like a good part of the casting itself might be different, not just one or two parts you could easily switch. Not to say it *can't* be done, but may be more parts and trouble than it's worth. You might be able to do the A/B flip itself easily...but that still won't make the base a full "MK II".
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Re: Gunfighter rev. A to rev B how to?

Postby FoxDelta » Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:25

haven t been thinking of a full MKII conversion, just want to make the grips compatible. i own a MKI pro with KG12 and want to buy another one with MCG pro, plan to use as collective for heliflying(horizontally mounted).
having two joystick with two grips not interchangeable would be weird.
i wont be able to use the MCG on the cyclic and the KG12 on the collective when flying heli, or the KG12 on the cyclic for ww2.
and when the lefthand stick comes available i want to use this one for collective!!
at the end i need to sell my MK1 or modify it myself if noone from VKB answers my question.

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