Gunfighter Cam Smoothness

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Gunfighter Cam Smoothness

Postby Dirt » Sat Jan 27, 2018 8:13

1 - Device model and version: VKB-SimGunfighter'ModernCombatEdition'w/MCG PROGrip(3-pinRev.B)
2 - Controller Firmware version: 1.917
3 - Number and type of springs used: one #10 spring per cam
4 - Тype of cams used: soft center
5 - VKBsoftware version: v0.83.85

I got this stick a week or two ago and within that time it's smoothness with the "soft center" cams was absolutely superb. Only yesterday I noticed the stick movement feeling noticeably more rough when moved in the 12-3 o'clock range... which would be placing the bearing on the "steep side" of the cam(s).

1. Is this a normal thing with this gimbal?
2. Are the cams included with this gimbal "case hardened" or just nickle plated?

I'd appreciate any assistance!


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Re: Gunfighter Cam Smoothness

Postby Sokol1 » Sat Jan 27, 2018 19:48

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Re: Gunfighter Cam Smoothness

Postby Worthing » Sun Jan 28, 2018 20:22

I believe that's normal. I've had the same thing with my gladiator pro and gunfighter. I asked rrhode about it, and he said

"This is normal as what you feel are the slight imperfections of the outer coating of the steel cam. There's a chrome layer and underneath that there's a copper layer; I experienced the same on my Black Mamba, which shares the same metal gimbal as your Gladiator Pro. However, VKB has recommended to use some very fine sandpaper to sand that chrome layer down a little - which won't harm the cam at all. This seems to help with the imperfections and things should feel smooth again."

That was referring to the gladiator pro. Not sure if it's the recommended solution for the gunfighter though.

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