Problem with trying to Calibrate a VKB Device

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Problem with trying to Calibrate a VKB Device

Postby azmodiuz » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:15

the red light on my box keeps flashing.

I managed to get the firmware to 1.917....
I select my stick/hightlight the stick with the version number in the blue box at the top and click calibrate etc...
and then end it as I'm supposed to but in the end this red light is still blinking, and I've made sure the grip is on well and everything is perfectly sound and connected.

How do I test this stick ?
When I got to TEST at the bottom and click joystick I can not select any of the buttons number 1 to whatever and nothing shows up, if I click keyboard of course it maps and shows my keyboard inputs etc...
I've spent a good hour or so now on this and I'm incredibly frustrated at how poorly I'm understanding whats what.

This should be simplier, there should be a full guide that covers any steps and all possibilities, I've looked around tried things and no deal.

What should I do ?
eventually I got it to work...
The learning curve on this is insane.

The only problem that persists now is my dead center is way off on the x and y axis. So much infact I need a 25% dead zone for the X axis and a 11% for the Y .
I thought these sticks and gimbals were accurate even my X52 is better centered then this.
Is there something I can do to fix the center?

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Re: Problem with trying to Calibrate a VKB Device

Postby AeroGator » Thu Jan 11, 2018 15:24

azmodiuz wrote:the red light on my box keeps flashing..... Is there something I can do?

Please read this post:
After that please post here a full structured request with all relevant screenshots.
Help will come.
Best Regards,

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